Where to Find Romantic Boutique Hotels in San Francisco

Look for romantic boutique hotels in San Francisco using Google Maps. You’ll see that many of the city’s hotels are located close to the bay, particularly northwest of I-80. Hotel Majestic, along Sutter Street, is a bit far from the concentration of hotels but not far from tourist hotspots and entertainment hubs in the city. With the market optimistic about the hotel industry, the city’s tourism is also expected to increase.

Google Maps will also show that there are two clusters of hotels in San Francisco. The larger group stretches from South of Market to Grace Cathedral along California St., while the smaller group can be found along Lombard St., which is part of the El Camino Real Highway. Why are so many hotels concentrated in these vicinities?

Many hotels are here because the areas are hubs for tourism and entertainment. Here are a few must-go destinations within these hotel groups.

Little Saigon

If the Chinese have Chinatown, San Francisco’s Vietnamese have Little Saigon. Established around 2004 to recognize the active Vietnamese community in the city, Little Saigon is a two-block area around Larkin St., south of Sgt. John Macaulay Park. The district holds various cultural events that allow visitors to get a taste of Vietnam, without having to actually go to Vietnam.

Geary-O’Farrell Corridor

The heart of the large group of boutique and romantic hotels in San Francisco can be found along Geary and O’Farrell Streets. The two streets form the Geary-O’Farrell Corridor, a historic community northeast of Little Saigon. Most establishments along the corridor are restaurants, cafes, and bars; and most are housed inside historic buildings.

Lombard Street

Lombard Street may appear straight on Google Maps, but it’s anything but. This part of the El Camino Real Highway is dubbed as “the crookedest street in the world” with sloped and curving tile roads and garden patches as far as the curves go. The slope gradient was too steep for a straight road; cars may roll down and hit something. The curves help to greatly reduce the downward momentum.

Hotel Majestic is only minutes away from these tourist hotspots. While the supply of hotel rooms in the city is finite, there are infinite ways to enjoy the City by the Bay.

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