What You Should Know in Looking for Boutique Hotels in San Francisco

For many tourists and visitors, their travel experience in a particular place is defined by the hotel they stay in. This is why to a lot of travelers, no other establishment than a boutique hotel will suffice. Is there a reason why these places are almost always fully-booked? Yes, three in fact:

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Boutique hotels are a fairly new concept.

The first-ever boutique hotels opened in London during the early Eighties, each one emphasizing style and beautiful aesthetics. Even today, these two characteristics are what define some of the most renowned boutique hotels in San Francisco. In addition to style, a more tangible distinction for a boutique hotel is one with no more than 150 rooms.

That said, the penchant for beautiful architecture and interiors in a hotel has existed long-before the 21st Century. Hotel Majestic, a famous San Francisco boutique hotel, has been around even before the Great Earthquake of 1906.

Style and charm are the name of the game.

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Boutique hotels are unique because of the little things that give each one its individual style and charm. This distinctiveness is something that appeals very well to those in the 20-30 year old age group with mid-to-high income levels. These guests relish boutique hotels’ fashionable individuality as they enjoy these places’ five-star amenities.

For example, some hotels employ different themes in their guestrooms, mostly to cater to certain tastes; while others are built with a vintage architectural style in mind. Edwardian architecture, which emphasizes bright colors and simple decorations, is popular particularly in hotels which have a more vibrant style. On the other hand, some establishments, like Hotel Majestic in San Francisco, boast of a turn of the century ambience and historic background, as well as proximity to the area’s most popular attractions.

They have the best services.

Even the best-looking establishments can be marred by poor-quality service, which is why boutique hotels only offer the best in terms of dining, entertainment, and accommodations. Some even offer treats that may not be found anywhere else. For example, a few of the popular San Francisco downtown hotels serve international cuisine all year-round, while others have their own in-house cocktails created especially for the hotel’s guests and customers.

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