Tour Frisco on a Budget with Lovely San Francisco Boutique Hotels

As the effective financial and cultural center of Northern California, it’s no wonder that people want to visit the city of San Francisco. Home to a great deal of iconic landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, and even its own Chinatown, San Francisco is a hotbed for tourist activity. The problem is that like any other attraction, the city can be a little too costly; this is due to a number of tourist traps around the city.

Hotels, in particular, can be too pricey for day travelers. Nothing is more frustrating for a tourist than lodgings that cost more than half the allotted budget; that’s not going to leave a lot of cash for other things, such as buying souvenirs. Travelers looking to get the most out of their trip should try seeking out affordable San Francisco boutique hotels to book in.

Boutique hotels, such as the Hotel Majestic, are hotels that have deluxe accommodations that can’t be found in regular hotels or other similar bed-and-breakfast establishments. Such amenities include Wi-Fi access, cable television, honesty bars, air conditioning, and so on. Boutique hotels are also staffed by a generous and helpful crew, who will do anything to ensure that their guests are comfortable.

The décor and theme of these boutique hotels vary widely and are typically determined by the area of the city they’re located in. For instance, one can find a vintage hotel in San Francisco somewhere near the older parts of the city, while the more contemporary suites are located next to the famous Union Square. More than the décor, tourists should pick their lodgings based on comfort and pricing as well.

Typically, such hotels will fetch for very high prices, but there are those in San Francisco that offer quality lodgings at a reasonable cost. The fairly priced hotels are usually the ones that are a bit further from the city center. It might be a little too far for some, but at least they get to save a lot of their pocket money.

By all means, travelers should keep a tight budget when touring San Francisco so they can maximize their funds. However, that doesn’t mean they should resign themselves to a rundown, low-quality motel. There are affordable boutique hotels just lying around town, and tourists should try booking in advance for lodgings.

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