Things to Look For When Choosing San Francisco Hotels in Union Square

Imagine that you are planning a romantic getaway, complete with sightseeing and shopping activities. You will be pleased to know that San Francisco offers both—a spot like the Kirby Cove offers a breathtaking view of the Golden Gate Bridge, while Union Square has great shopping places—which makes this city a good holiday destination.

After making flight arrangements, mapping out possibilities for tour itineraries, and the like, you still need to make the crucial decision on accommodations. As the choice of hotel can make or break your ideal vacation, it is worthwhile to look into the criteria for selecting among the numerous San Francisco hotels in Union Square.

Great Customer Service

The New York Times recently did a piece on what makes a hotel great, with majority of respondents agreeing that a wonderful product is a waste if there is lousy customer service. Thus, when booking your rooms, call the hotel to get a feel of what their receptionists are like. If you are greeted with a winsome hello and all your queries are properly addressed, chances are, they have great customer service.

Exceptional Word-of-Mouth

It’s not uncommon to visit a hotel’s website and see claims like “the best hotel in town.” If you want to verify these claims, go to customer review sites where real people call a spade a spade. In fact, based on a new study by WRAL Tech Wire, majority of US consumers now place more weight on customer reviews than price when choosing hotels.

Unique Features

There are people who have stayed in so many hotels, but don’t have anything to say when asked for recommendations. This is because most hotels these days are so alike, that you can hardly tell one from another. When choosing great boutique hotels in San Francisco, it’s ideal to pick one that has something unique to offer. The Hotel Majestic in Union Square, for instance, boasts of stunning Edwardian architecture and a rich history, and also offers special romance packages for couples.

Any visit to an exciting city like San Francisco promises to be worth your while when everything goes right. Smiles and romance can easily turn into frowns and lost sparks if you choose the wrong hotel. Arranging for accommodations, then, should be a priority; and should be guided by some of the above mentioned criteria.

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