Things to Do While Staying at San Francisco Hotels in Union Square

Whether it’s for a honeymoon, a weekend getaway with the kids, or a business trip, a visit to San Francisco is always a delightful experience. One of the best places to stay in is Union Square. If you’re planning a trip to the City by the Bay, here are recommended activities you can do during your stay at San Francisco hotels in Union Square.

Go on a shopping spree

Bring along extra bags in which to pack all the stuff you’ll be buying from Union Square’s numerous shops. The Westfield San Francisco Centre is a great place to go to if you’re looking for luxury and European brands. If all that spending makes you hungry, try the restaurant court where several of San Francisco’s best chefs have satellite eateries.

Eat and drink to your heart’s delight

If you prefer to dine al fresco, head on over to Maiden Lane and choose from several bistros with their outdoor tables under umbrellas. If you’re a Francophile, the tree-lined alleys at the French Quarter will surely clue you in on why Claude and Belden lanes are considered San Francisco’s Little Paris. If you’re on a budget, enjoy a cup of coffee from one of the several cafes downtown while taking in the view of the park.

Enjoy the art scene

San Francisco is particularly known for its vibrant and ever-changing art scene. Aficionados of the performing arts are very much at home in this city. Union Square is the heart of San Francisco’s theater district. You can catch several national touring shows and long-running Broadway staples while in town.

Ride a cable car

A trip to San Francisco isn’t complete without catching a cable car. There is simply no better way to experience the hills and views of the city than aboard one of these open-air trolleys. To get the most out of the ride, hop on at Powell and Market Streets, and head towards Fisherman’s Wharf. This way, you’ll get a view of the bay and Alcatraz in the distance.

Getting from one tourist spot to another in the city can be tiring. Therefore, it’s important to book accommodations that will allow you quick and easy access to all these attractions. Choose a good vintage hotel in San Francisco like the Hotel Majestic to fully experience what the city has to offer.

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