The Vacation Isn’t Complete Without Staying in Union Square San Francisco Hotels

Just between Powell and Stockton Street is a 2.6 acre plaza that many people consider to be the heart of San Francisco. Union Square can also be seen as the place that best describes the city it resides in: small, yet colorful and brimming with life. The amount of activity this small patch of land regularly experiences is one reason why Hotel Majestic and other San Francisco hotels in Union Square set up shop around here.

The plaza got its name at the beginning of the American Civil War, when California declared its support for the Union States. In the 1880s, Union Square was primarily a residential district that was later converted into a commercial hub for various shops and offices. Today, the Square is the premier retail center of San Francisco, thanks to a massive renovation project that was finished in 2002, turning the unassuming urban space into an open plaza.

Union Square is one of the famous venues for concerts, art exhibits, private parties, and other events in San Francisco. However, it is the shopping experience that people who visit here will remember the most. Vacationers often pick the Square as one of their stops whenever they visit San Francisco, be it to indulge in a simple stroll down Maiden Lane, window-shopping in the Westfield San Francisco Center, grab a bite in one of the Square’s many cafes and restaurants, and much more.

However, it can be argued that the best way to make the most out of the Square is to explore its artistic side. The American Conservatory Theater is a good place for those who love watching plays and/or are interested in taking acting classes. On the other hand, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art contains some of the best works made by various artists throughout modern history: from Picasso to Alexander Calder.

All that exploring and shopping is bound to make anyone tired, but luckily Union Square is also home to various hotels, as previously mentioned. If for some reason there’s no room to spare here, Hotel Majestic can offer lodgings elsewhere that are still close to the plaza. Some can choose to stay in one of the many hotels in Japantown, San Francisco, too.

Tourists who want pay the Golden Gate City a visit shouldn’t forget about Union Square. Although it is small, the place has everything that makes San Francisco great.

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