The Majestic Hotel: Among the Beautiful Boutique Hotels in San Francisco

The Hotel Majestic is one of the most well-known hotels in San Francisco. It was built in 1902, and the people of San Francisco were grateful that it was among the buildings that survived the city-wide fires and earthquakes that hit in 1906. Enthusiasts of architecture hail it as a true-blue vintage hotel San Francisco style, and up to the present tourists come to marvel at its Edwardian architecture.

In the meantime, being an old hotel, there are a few ghost stories connected to the Hotel Majestic. The ghost stories make it more interesting for visitors because they add to the hotel’s innate charm. Visitors shouldn’t worry though; by no means does the hotel have a history like the fictional Hotel Overlook in premier horror fiction novelist Stephen King’s book “The Shining.”

Tourist Attractions Near the Hotel

The Majestic Hotel is located at the heart of the San Francisco hotels union square, keeping good company with other hotels but still holding its own. Tourists have given their testimonies that staying at the hotel is both restful and pleasurable because of the top-of-the-line yet very elegant furnishings and amenities.

Also, the hotel is a short walking and driving distance to various tourist attractions. One will be hard put to stay inside the hotel rooms no matter how comfortable they are because so much is waiting to be seen, felt and experienced outside.

Among the main attractions a stone’s throw away from the hotel is Japantown where visitors can treat themselves to fresh and delicious cuisine from other countries like Japan, China and India. There is also a local theater called the Sundance Kabuki Theater where one can relax and unwind while watching the latest films. Also, the neighboring shops are a treat because they sell various Japanese goods ranging from the more luxurious sweets and perfume, to the inexpensive but still desirable mementos and trinkets. Most of the buildings are also influenced by original Japanese architectural designs and oriental sensibility.

Finally, tourists staying at the Hotel Majestic will also be interested to recall that the plot of many award-winning TV series like “Monk” and “Dharma and Greg” took place in San Francisco. The city itself with its colorful history has always been portrayed as a happy and healthy place to live and raise a family in. Boutique hotels in San Francisco will provide tourists the opportunity to see the sights and immerse in the culture they frequently see on TV.

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