The Hotel Majestic: The most elegant of San Francisco boutique hotels

A list of San Francisco boutique hotels would certainly be topped by, The Hotel Majestic. This delightful establishment is situated in the quiet, Pacific Heights neighborhood of San Francisco. Just far enough removed from down town, to provide a measure of tranquility, yet still close enough to be within walking distance of many of the cities greatest attractions.

Built in 1902, the Hotel Majestic is one of the few surviving structures from the days before the great earthquake of 1906 and its subsequent fire, it is a true masterpiece of Edwardian architecture and decor. With sumptuous accommodations that serve as a veritable window in time, back to the days of lavish comfort for world travelers and grandiose banquets held by influential patrons.

Northern California is famed for its travel lodgings but to truly experience the boutique hotels in San Francisco, one has to sample the accommodations offered by the Hotel Majestic.

The cuisine available in the Cafe Majestic is a delectable blend of Italian-American fare, lovingly crafted by Chef, Efrain Garcia. With such favorites as: veal picatta and scaloppini, eggplant parmesan, and chicken cacciatore, there is a flavor to tickle even the most discerning pallet. Few of the San Francisco boutique hotels can offer a dining experience to match.

Among the many amenities offered by the Hotel Majestic, are the tastefully appointed rooms complete with period-style draperies, antique furnishings, and marble tiled bathrooms. As well as many modern conveniences: Wi-fi access throughout the Hotel, Flat-screen LCD TVs, even iPhone/iPod docks. There is something to cater to the personal tastes of every guest.

Many of the boutique hotels in San Francisco are popular destinations for travelers visiting the City by the Bay, but the Majestic is the destination for the traveler who wishes to experience the city both: as it is today, and how it was in the first days of the last century.

Boutique San Francisco Hotels

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