Standing Out from the Crowd: Boutique Hotels in San Francisco California

It’s interesting to note how boutique hotels remain popular despite the appeal of more lavish hotel chains. These unique hotels, distinguished by their character and original design, have been in high demand that even some giants in the hotel industry have remodeled interiors of high-end hotels to have them assume that “boutique” look. Boutique hotels in San Francisco California have been setting themselves apart not just for their individualistic design, but also for their personalized service.

Boutique hotels are meant to create an exclusive experience, usually for a specifically-targeted clientele. Owners of these establishments relish the opportunity to identify the type of customers they want, even to the extent of doing in-depth market research to know what their guests might want out of a hotel experience.

For instance, a hotelier may choose to target frequent business travelers seeking a change of pace from their frenetic lives on the road. Or he may choose to cater to young urban vacationers looking for hotels that exude a local flavor. Either way, the space where they stay, sleep, and relax can be designed especially for them, coupled with the features and amenities that matter to them.

The growing market for boutique hotels has proven that this degree of specificity does, in fact, have a niche. It allows for creativity, innovation, and exploration of any avenue that can attract their targeted guests. With clues to what their guests might want, a hotelier can choose the ideal combination of colors, materials, sounds, and lighting options in the design plan to create a distinctive whole, both in visual sensibility and extraordinary accommodation.

No two boutique hotels are alike. These hotel types are simply not designed to offer what contemporary commercial hotels often do, which is a large number of rooms of similar size and shape. What you get instead at a boutique hotel in the City by the Bay is a floor configuration of varying layouts, and creative spatial solutions that radiate the intimacy of a truly hospitable stay.

Indeed, downtown hotels in San Francisco of the boutique variety are in a class of their own. This type of hotel is where the old and new meet, and where guests can feel truly special. Only boutique hotels, such as the historic Hotel Majestic, can combine the qualities of distinction, discernment, and daring in a truly unique and attractive way.

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