Sparking Romance with the Help of Hotels in Downtown San Francisco

Imagine having two friends in your clique who are into each other but cannot find ways to express their feelings. It may seem funny that everybody else knows they’re perfect for each other—except them. It wouldn’t hurt to help them out a bit. Will a weekend getaway, plus a lovely accommodation in one of the romantic hotels in downtown San Francisco, like the Hotel Majestic, provide the spark they need?

Surprisingly, there are ways to make this matchmaking stunt work, even if the “date” is under cover of your group’s sojourn through the city. Here are a few magic tricks you can pull off to help your friends discover each other.

Taking a Walk

Affectionate couple in restaurant-bigstockA romantic getaway for your budding lovers can be masked with a stroll. However, you and the others will do a discreet disappearing act, leaving the two by their lonesome. Ocean Beach and Land’s End already offer miles of sand to walk on – and the possibility of having very few people in the area provides the opening for private moments. A hiking path near Cliff House and the Sutro Bath ruins may also offer some wonderful views. The Telegraph Hill provides opportunities for exercise, and a chance for two people to be together during the trek. A jump-off point is near the Coit Tower, with a long flight of stairs winding down to a path that ends at the waterfront.

Watching the Sunset

Crissy Field is known among San Francisco residents for its finest view of the Golden Gate Bridge. A long stroll through the promenade can be capped off by drinks at the Warming Hut Café. City tour experts claim that by starting off at the farthest point in Crissy Field roughly a half-hour before sunset, couples can walk east in time for the lights to start popping up.

Treasure Island also scores points for the most expansive views of the city, especially on clear days. A pleasure cruise booked days ahead will give you time to monitor the weather.

Young couple upon arrival at hotel reception-bigstockBoutique hotels in San Francisco, California, such as the Hotel Majestic, will be more than willing to do their part in making the getaway enjoyable for everyone. For instance, you can talk to the hotel management about a group dinner reservation at the restaurant and bar, but arrange for having the “couple” seated next to each other and special hors d’oeuvres served to heighten the mood.

If you care about your friends who, you know, will be pleased by what you’ll do, you must exert the effort to ensure their happiness. It’ll make for a wonderful story on how you all enjoyed the trip, and brought two people closer than ever.

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