Some Tips for Choosing the Right San Francisco Hotels in Union Square

There are a lot to see in San Francisco. The Golden Gate Bridge is a sight to behold. Chinatown is a spectacle of its own. The cable cars are uniquely San Fran. The city is also a starting point to different charming locations within the Bay Area. San Francisco is definitely a must-visit destination in the West Coast.

Union Square in San Francisco - BigstockTravelers and vacationers enthralled by the city can look for San Francisco hotels in Union Square to immerse themselves in the dynamics of the place. Since experiencing San Francisco first-hand will surely be tiring but invigorating, it is important that prospective visitors choose the right hotel to relax in after a productive day. Here are some pointers to help visitors make the right choice.

Purpose and Value

Different hotels cater to different needs. It is essential that the hotel of choice caters to the specific needs of the guests, not just the general needs of visitors in the city. If the guests are going to the city primarily for business, the hotel should be able to provide facilities and amenities that will help them conduct good business. Visitors should also choose a hotel located in a part of the city where they want to spend more time in.

Monetary Concerns

Money is a constant point of reference in terms of choosing a hotel. Hotel rates in San Francisco vary depending on hotel type. Visitors should choose the one that suits their budget, yet allows them to enjoy the main attractions of the city. It is better to go with a hotel that provides the best value-for-money.


Hotel In San Francisco Union Square 5 - BigstockA study by the Market Metrix shows that a considerable number of tourists always prioritize location when looking for a hotel. Picking San Francisco boutique hotels that are strategically located will be a good idea. Boutique facilities like the Hotel Majestic are not only situated near the city’s famous spots, they also provide a more personalized service that enhances the visitor’s wonderful experience in the city.

Some visitors may have other additional requirements for choosing a hotel in San Francisco, such as a complimentary breakfast, free wi-fi access, and easy parking—all of which can be provided by SF hotels. Keeping the abovementioned pointers in mind, however, will help visitors find ideal accommodations for them in San Francisco.

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