San Francisco Boutique Hotels Perfectly Represent the City by the Bay’s Unconventionality

San Francisco is known for its open-mindedness, avant-garde character, and its pleasant weather. If you plan to visit and stay at one of the many alluring San Francisco boutique hotels, it’s advisable to plan out how you intend to spend your time. The City by the Bay offers so many choices of appealing attractions that can overwhelm anyone hoping for an enriching San Francisco experience. To prepare yourself beforehand, here are some attractions that may pique your interest:

Coit tower

Perched atop historic Telegraph Hill in North Beach, the Coit Tower is a 210-foot behemoth that offers outstanding vistas of the city. Aside from the view, the structure’s interior features murals inspired by the social-realism style of the great Diego Rivera. The artworks inside the tower were completed in 1933, and are a sight to behold.

Cable cars

It’s hard to find better entertainment value for $2 than San Francisco’s cable cars. Hop on the F line on the Embarcadero and ride it all the way to the Castro. Kick up your shoes as you ride past the Wharf and onto Market Street, one of the city’s major thoroughfares. When you get to Castro Street, look for the famous Castro Theater, a well-preserved 1920s movie palace that features excellent art and repertoire films.


The Haight, considered the birthplace of America’s counterculture movement in the 60s, was the scene of the proverbial 1967 Summer of Love that brought together 100,000 young hippies, an occasion that heralded major cultural and political shifts which reverberated through the succeeding decades.

The Exploratorium

The sole purpose of this legendary museum in the Presidio is to change the way the world learns. In fact, the New York Times lauded it as the most important science museum to have opened since the mid-20th century. Founded by physicist and educator Frank Oppenheimer, the participatory nature of its exhibits has led to it being cited as the inspiration for participatory museums all over the world.

Visiting all these places is sure to wear you down at the end of the day, but not to worry. Engaging San Francisco CA hotels such as the the Hotel Majestic are among the best in the world. An overnight rest in one of them is sure to reinvigorate and prepare you for another round of new experiences in the city the following day.

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