Romantic Hotels in San Francisco: Keeping the Spark in Relationships

The best way to keep the spark in your relationship with your partner is to have enough quality time with each other. Quality time means forgetting about work for a while, leaving the kids with their grandma, and having plenty of time to enjoy together. You have to get away and spend at least a few days together; and one of the best places to go to is San Francisco, where romantic spots and activities can help rekindle the intimacy in your relationship.

Romantic Date - BigStockSan Francisco, after all, has a reputation of being a popular getaways for couples, thanks in part to the romantic hotels found in the downtown area. The finest romantic hotels in San Francisco always play a big role in making couples’ vacations worthwhile. Located in areas where there’s a clear view of either the ocean or the distinctive skyline, or both, these hotels offer the perfect ambience that could reignite the flame in any relationship.

The city is also crammed with activities that you and your partner can enjoy together. During the day, you can pack a wine-and-cheese picnic along the shoreline at the foot of the Golden Gate Bridge, a setting perfect for intimate chats. Couples can also bike to and from the shore, which, by itself, is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy each other’s company.

The city holds some of the most prestigious evening concerts and shows in the summer. Be it an opera or a ballet, a night out to enjoy these treats creates the perfect bonding moment. If you’re into more modern entertainment, consider going to daytime outdoor concerts where prominent local bands perform in parks across the city.

king sized bed in a luxuty hotel room-bigstockSan Francisco is home to some prominent spas. Make sure to include a couple’s massage in your itinerary as it is the perfect way to unload physical and emotional stress that usually gets in the way of relationships. After a couple of hours of restful massage, you and your partner can leave feeling refreshed and reinvigorated.

Your vacation can be made even more romantic by staying in a vintage hotel in San Francisco like Majestic Hotel. The nostalgic setting and interiors of such hotels are sure to evoke feelings of romance and intimacy. A quiet dinner and drinks in one of these places’ fine restaurants and bars would be a perfect way to end a day of shared activities in the City by the Bay.

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