Romance by the Bay: Booking in an Edwardian Hotel in San Francisco

With its unique and colorful districts, lovely view of the Pacific coast, and hundreds of quaint cafés and fine-dining restaurants, San Francisco is a prime destination for couples looking for some excitement. Tourism happens to be the city’s main industry, and dozens of hotels can be found lying around. Of course, couples can’t just pick any hotel for their romantic getaway.

It would be preferable if a couple got lodgings in a themed hotel; the more distinctive it is from other hotels, the better. An Edwardian hotel in San Francisco, like the Hotel Majestic, is one such establishment. Such locations provide an intimate and unique atmosphere that couples should try experiencing for themselves.

Booking in very romantic hotels in San Francisco is a lot harder than it looks. It entails a lot of planning and choosing, all to ensure that the experience will be enjoyable and memorable. With a little bit of research, vacationing couples might even find lodgings that allow them to save a fortune on their travel expenses.

Perhaps one of the most beloved locations in San Francisco is the bay itself. Home to numerous attractions such as the Fisherman’s Wharf, the waterfront is a popular tourist spot and haunt for seafood lovers. Finding a hotel next to the bay won’t be too hard, but the closer an establishment is to the water, its prices tend to increase as well. Instead of picking a hotel by the shore, it would be more economical to find a place a little out of the way.

The same could be said of the Union Square plaza area. While there are a lot of boutique hotels lining this trendy fashion district, it might be wiser to find another place to stay for the night. This doesn’t mean that couples should rent out rooms too far away from landmarks; instead, they should be wary of prices and must compare rates whenever possible.

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Romance doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, and San Francisco offers the opportunity to enjoy the company of another without having to spend too much. It all boils down to how well a couple can secure the right deals. The Internet should be able to suggest affordable vacation options in San Francisco, so travelers would benefit more from checking online sites first.

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