Relax and Rediscover Very Romantic Hotels in San Francisco

San Francisco has the romantic moniker of The City by the Bay, but love is hardly in the air when the city’s appeal has been lost to commercialism and urban decay. Even the once-touted piers of the city, known in the past for their eclectic seafood and astonishing coastal views, are now veritable tourist traps. Instead of looking outside for charm, lovers might want to seek it indoors.

There are various romantic hotels in San Francisco that are perfect for couples to retreat to. Many of them are boutique hotels designed to evoke classic and amorous themes, and make for memorable stays. Couples planning a trip to San Francisco shouldn’t miss hotels like the Hotel Majestic for their style and unique appeal.

Numerous boutique hotels in San Francisco dot the cityscape, and it might be difficult to find the best places to book in. While there are also luxury hotels to be found, price isn’t always the best indicator of quality. Finding the right balance of fair pricing and quality accommodations is the key to enjoying a trip to San Francisco, and it starts with reading comments left on the Internet.

After getting a feel for the many hotels of the city, those planning to book should also remember to choose a hotel based on its location. Being close to groceries, malls, landmarks, and other notable destinations will be a big plus for any hotel. Lovers will especially want to find a hotel that’s right next to romantic evening haunts or restaurants serving delicious evening meals.

There’s also the hotel experience to take into account when picking lodgings in San Francisco. Some hotels will go out their own way to help their clients feel special, be it through a simple valet service or with impeccable room service. Great customer service will make any trip unforgettable, so travelers might want to keep an eye out for hotels with helpful service.

The City by the Bay may not be as chic as it used to be, but the modern San Francisco has an all new charm of its own. Couples should look past the overdone pier tours and cable car trips; there’s more to the city than meets the eye. A quixotic San Francisco experience begins with booking the right hotel.

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