Must-have Amenities to Look for in Hotels in Japantown San Francisco

Hotels come in various shapes and sizes, but when you come to think of it, they’re all basically just temporary places to live, right? Wrong. Today, more and more people are valuing excellent hotels in Japantown San Francisco not merely for their accommodations, but also for the amenities they come with.

Downtown San Francisco at Night

Is There WiFi?

Unless they’re being really modest, the fact is, most people of today’s generation would be more inclined to ask the front desk if they have WiFi than if they even have rooms available in the first place. Whether you’re a tourist or a businessman out for a night in good ol’ Nihonmachi, staying connected is fundamental.

Room Service

Those who are in the city for business matters value room service the most. These are people who may be running late for a meeting and thus don’t have time to line up for the hotel’s breakfast buffet. Plus, wouldn’t it be nice to have bacon and eggs right in your bed?

Luxury for a Day

Of course, one of the trademark qualities of a hotel is the sheer experience of luxury that people can enjoy. It isn’t every day that the majority can enjoy elegantly decorated beds, mini-bars, huge bathtubs, and oh, how about valet service? With fine San Francisco downtown hotels, you can indulge in all of these perks for as long as your visit lasts.

Suites And Guest Rooms In A Boutique Hotel

What Makes It Special?

Standard amenities matter, but you would welcome something extra too, right? The Hotel Majestic’s Butterfly Lounge is a unique and remarkable feature that no other hotel in the area boasts of. Catch a collection of rare butterflies as you sip a cocktail or two.

What makes a good hotel? Essentially, it’s the array of ways you can treat yourself in a special space that boasts of luxurious furniture, fine dining, excellent customer service, and a host of happy customers just like yourself. After all, you deserve to have a taste of the good life.

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