Lounge in Boutique Hotels in San Francisco after a Memorable City Tour

Whenever you’re visiting SF, accommodation shouldn’t be a problem. There is an array of excellent boutique hotels in San Francisco that are guaranteed to give you a comfortable place to stay, as you “agonize” over which attractions to visit first. You should never miss Union Square, of course, which is basically the city’s central shopping district—and yes, the home of Union Square Macy’s, the largest department store west of The Big Apple.

If you’re looking for nice recreational activities or shopping opportunities here, you might want to try the following:

The Cable Car

Ask any tourist – nobody talks about SF without mentioning its cable cars, the city’s unique means of transportation that many claim are still the best way to enjoy the sloping hills. Choose a nice, clear day, hop on a car along Powell and Market Streets, and ride to Fisherman’s Warf to get an excellent view of the Bay and the desolate isle crowned by Alcatraz.

Little Paris

SF isn’t just all about American culture; you can also head over to the city’s French Quarter to get a whiff or two of what makes La France le magnifique. A street in this area is lined with trees and restaurants, bars and boutiques – perfect for an afternoon of reveling in your new surroundings, and dining with wine and croissant.

Museum of Modern Art

If art is your passion, then look no further than the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. This place is home to famous 20th century paintings and various other installations from the masters like Picasso and Matisse. There’s also a museum gallery where you can buy souvenirs, books and a lot more.


Okay, so we can’t leave Macy’s out of the list. Be sure to allot at least one day of your vacation in the Golden Gate city to shopping, and head on over to Macy’s in the plaza. You can’t miss it as it spans the entire stretch of Powell to Stockton. Make sure you bring your shopping shoes (comfy flats), as it’s going to be a long day. Don’t worry; if you get tired and thirsty, there are plenty of cafes and diners to hang out in while you check out your purchases.

After an exhausting but memorable day of leisure and feasting, there’s no better way to cap things off than by lounging in your hotel of choice. Luckily, many Union Square, San Francisco hotels like the Hotel Majestic have spaces and amenities perfect for a restful night.

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