Ideas for Popping the Question at vintage hotel in San Francisco

So after three years of a committed relationship, you are ready to pop the question to your partner. As both of you have been busy with your respective jobs as of late, it’s only fitting to plan a romantic getaway soon to spend much-needed quality time with each other. What can be a better destination than San Francisco?

A vintage hotel in San Francisco can be an ideal accommodation choice, where you can create the perfect ambience to ask for your partner’s hand in marriage. However, if you wish for something that goes off the script a little, San Francisco offers plenty of spots to do just that. Below are some ideas; don’t worry, Alcatraz is not on this list.

Japanese Tea Garden

romantic dinner with engagement ring-bigstockWhat better place to ask the big question than in one surrounded by majestic cherry blossoms in full bloom? The appeal of the Japanese Tea Garden goes beyond cherry blossoms, though. This popular San Francisco attraction has more to offer than those pink blooms, including classic elements of Japanese gardens like an arched drum bridge, stone lanterns, pagodas, stepping stone paths, koi ponds, and Zen garden.

Fisherman’s Wharf

True, at first thought, the Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco hardly looks like a place for romance, much more a spot for proposing. However, this historical fishing district does offer cruises for couples to enjoy breathtaking sunset views while enjoying live music and delicious appetizers, sandwiches, salads, and desserts. Do take note that this is one of San Francisco’s top attractions so be sure to book those cruise tickets early if you’re going with this option.

Napa Valley

side view of romantic young couple-bigstockWith research saying that red wine is a good aphrodisiac, it only makes sense to consider the luscious vineyards of Napa Valley as the place to present your loved one with the engagement ring. Napa Valley has actually grown popular with romantics when it comes to marriage proposals. If the vineyards are not your thing, this spot offers a multitude of romantic and luxurious dining areas as well.

A selection of romantic hotels in San Francisco, which includes the Hotel Majestic, gives you easy access to the above-mentioned places. Still, if you long for something more private than these top tourist attractions, you can choose to pop the question right inside the hotel. Whatever option you go for, remember to do it right and go down on one knee.

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