Hot Ideas for Staying at Romantic Hotels in San Francisco

Today’s fast-paced lifestyles often cause romance in a loving relationship to be relegated to the back burner. However, couples must make it a point to squeeze some alone time into their busy schedules to keep the fires of passion burning. One way to do so is by arranging for a quick stay at one of the beautiful hotels in the City by the Bay. Here are some hot ideas for your stay at any of the romantic hotels in San Francisco.

Call ahead.

Most people say that it’s the thought that counts, but a little effort when it comes to relationships will definitely not hurt. Ladies love it when their man puts some thought into their stay by calling the hotel ahead of time and arranging for flowers or her favorite dessert. Having such things waiting for the couple in their hotel room add a delightfully heartwarming touch.

Tease your senses.

The right music is a good way to set the proper romantic atmosphere in your hotel getaway. Don’t forget to take some specially chosen music along with you. Another clever trick is to dab or spray a little scent on a light bulb to let the subtle bouquet waft through the room. These are two effective ways to stimulate your senses and make your stay more memorable.

Dress for the occasion.

Even if you do not have any formal occasion to attend, it’s a good idea to wear outfits that have significance to your relationship. Wear something out of the ordinary to make your stay more special. Imagine how surprised your partner will be to find you dressed to the nines, waiting with a bouquet of fresh flowers and a bottle of champagne.

Prepare for the morning after.

Breakfast in bed is essential. Make sure that you wake up before your partner does and have her favorite treats delivered to your room. If you’re on a budget, buy something from a shop outside the hotel. Just remember to leave a note, in case your partner wakes up before you get back.

People in relationships should never be too busy for romance. Little indulgences such as visits to premiere hotels in San Francisco CA, like the Hotel Majestic, help keep romance alive. With these thoughts in mind, even an overnight stay can turn into one of the most precious memories the two of you would cherish.

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