Go Big on Japan by Staying at Hotels in Japantown in San Francisco

Hollywood’s obsession with Japan is no secret. Just take for example the numerous films based on Japanese anime: Astro Boy, Speed Race, Yu-Gi-Oh, and the upcoming Akira. In addition, celebrities like Tyra Banks and Sarah Jessica Parker have proclaimed their love for Hello Kitty, with the former even dedicating an entire photo shoot to the world-famous cat in a previous season of America’s Next Top Model.

Still, there is more to Japan than what Hollywood lets on. The country has a rich history, fascinating culture, and delectable cuisine (albeit sometimes stomach-turning like the Ikizukuri). However, if you love all things Japanese but can’t afford the $1,000 plane ticket, the next best thing is to head to hotels in Japantown, San Francisco to experience the following:

Great Cuisine

No one ever visits Japan without having a taste of authentic maki and sushi, and it’s the same when you are in Japantown in SF. Here, you’ll have a range of restaurants to choose from that offer delicious sushi and maki. If you want some light snacks, you can go for sponge cake at various spots within the vicinity and match these light stomach fillers with matcha, which is a delicious green tea.

Great Shopping Finds

While it’s too much to expect to find vending machines that dispense censored magazines or other unmentionables, there are other interesting finds in Japantown. These treasures come in a wide range: from Ikebana helpers to houseware. The best part? These products come in affordable prices; not only can you buy stuff for yourself, you can buy for your entire family as well, and maybe still have money left for friends’ gifts.

Great Relaxation

An ideal vacation is one that takes you away from the monotony of your desk job and relaxes you. Luckily, in Japantown, you can do both of these things: relish unfamiliar culture and chill. A popular spa within the area offers you refreshing body massages like the Swedish massage and the Japanese shiatsu. Thus, it’s important that you choose one of the top-rated San Francisco boutique hotels like the Hotel Majestic, because after these relaxing massages, you will want a comfortable room for a good night’s sleep.

Some people’s fascination with Japan is not hard to figure out—after all, the country invented capsule motels. However, a trip to Japan is out of the question for the budget-conscious. Thankfully, these people can still get a fill of what the country is like by heading out to Japantown in San Francisco.

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