First Wine Tasting Event at One of the Finest Boutique Hotels in San Francisco

10/07/11 – Dear Guests, yesterday’s first Wine Tasting Event at the Majestiic went successfully! We had at least 50 to 60 professionals, guests, and friends who really enjoyed the event and were supremely impressed with our rooms, specially the “haunted” room #407.  One lady felt a “presence” around her, but we think that was just the abundence of wine talking!

In any case, many folks also suggested doing a Wine Tasting once a month, so we are contemplating that.  Perhaps we can get a Napa Winery to sponsor us this time around.  We’ll keep you posted on what we decide to do.

We did want to give a special thanks to a few of the local companies that joined us:

First, the great law firm from Hanson Bridgett, LLP and its partners for coming out.

Second, the dental software company of Demand Force Inc and its mob of 15 that came out.

Lastly, our friends from Bank of Guam, San Francisco and its CEO for joing us.

Thanks.  Please check one of the best boutique hotels in San Francisco.

The Hotel Majestic

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