Finding Unique Hotels in San Francisco, CA to Enjoy Your Visit

If you’re planning to visit San Francisco, California one of these days, better book your accommodations early. The fourth most populous city in California has always been a favorite destination of millions of local and foreign tourists. It’s popularity is not surprising; San Francisco offers some of the most beautiful sights around, apart from the famous Golden Gate Bridge.

Like all major urban centers in the world, the city also boasts of some of the best modern hotel chains for visitors to stay in. However, while these hotel brands may offer the usual amenities, some people prefer to stay in unique hotels in San Francisco, CA, where the experience can be different. This is what makes establishments like the Hotel Majestic quite unique from the usual accommodations you can find in major cities.

Big modern hotels have that imposing and impersonal looks that can be intimidating sometimes. You may get good service from these hotels, but you won’t feel anything really special. On the other hand, there are other hotels that can provide the same superb accommodations and make you feel important.

These are what are known as boutique hotels in San Francisco, California that cater to people who want more than just modern facilities. Yes, boutique hotels are different from the large hotel brands you find in most cities. They are definitely smaller, with around 100 to a maximum of 200 rooms only, and are housed in older buildings in accessible locations (usually near city centers) with unique or themed architectural designs.

Boutique hotels such as the Hotel Majestic in San Francisco offer more intimate and personalized service than large hotel chains. They treat their guests more like family rather than members of an exclusive club. Although these hotels have classic architecture, they can match other hotels’ modern amenities. However, they can make clients feel more at home because of their smaller size and less harried kind of environment.

For travelers who want a home away from home without sacrificing modern amenities, boutique hotels can provide the need. The experience is something to look back to, making you want to come back and bring your family and friends.

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