Experiencing the Best Hotels in San Francisco, CA the Romantic Way

If you’re planning to visit the City by the Bay anytime soon, then accommodations is likely to be at the top of your list of things to find. Lucky for you, San Francisco doesn’t have a shortage of hotels and lodgings, considering that the city is frequented by millions of visitors every year. In 2013, 16.9 million people went to SF to see the sights or visit loved ones, spending about $9.38 billion on local businesses.

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That said, a night or two in a five-star hotel may be something you’re not prepared to pay for. This does not mean you should totally forgo the benefits of staying at some of the best hotels in San Francisco, CA, like Hotel Majestic. These establishments are an essential part of your experience in SF because of the following:


The best hotels in a city are usually situated near its most popular tourist attractions, and this is something that also holds true in San Francisco. Thus, you shouldn’t be surprised to see a lot of hotels just walking distance or a few minutes’ commute from Golden Gate Bridge, Union Square, North Beach, and Chinatown. Play your cards right and you can visit these places in one day without over-exhausting yourself.

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As expected, the best hotels offer the best services and amenities to make your stay in SF more enjoyable. It’s common for these renowned establishments to have free Internet, valet parking, great-tasting food, and the like. Some suites even come with mini-fridges, full-sized living rooms, and king-sized beds.


Thanks to its rich, culturally-diverse background, San Francisco is one of the places to go to in the West Coast for a dining adventure. You can expect the best hotels in the city to offer everything from authentic French and German cuisine to exotic Japanese dishes all in one place. Considering that California is also known for its fine wines, you can also extend your high expectations on food to the hotel’s beverages.


Striking visuals, pleasant atmosphere, and beautiful decors are the norm in the best hotels. The most famous boutique hotels in San Francisco, California offer nothing less than these. Staying at these places will help you experience the true essence of San Francisco in a more intimate way than staying at a five-star hotel.

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