Choosing the Best Edwardian Hotels San Francisco CA has

When you’re travelling, it is important that you know about the different types of hotels that you can choose from. The type of accommodation that you’re select can determine whether your trip will be as enjoyable as expected or not. For example, there are a lot of hotels in downtown San Francisco, but how can you find one that can give you a unique experience while still ensuring that you get all the amenities other hotels offer?

The best way to have a unique experience in the context of your accommodations is to go for a boutique hotel. These hotels have a specific theme or design that is reflected throughout the entire establishment—which makes it different from the homogenized hotels owned by the big hotel chains. A popular style for boutique hotels is Edwardian, like the Hotel Majestic in San Francisco. But how exactly do you determine that you really are in an Edwardian-themed boutique hotel?

The best way to tell whether the place you are in did its homework to ensure an authentic Edwardian experience for guests is to look at its design. In the bedroom, Edwardian décor can be identified by its color palette. Edwardian bedrooms are known for their use of crisp and cheerful—often rather feminine—colors that match the rest of the room’s furnishings.

The furniture that is used in Edwardian hotels in Japantown San Francisco, for example, is elegant and refined. Edwardian furniture is less ornate and delicate than Victorian furniture, mind you. The Edwardian period is known for introducing traditional outdoor furniture, like bamboo and wicker pieces, to interior décor.

An important characteristic of Edwardian architecture is the use of light in the rooms. Natural light is highly valued in

Edwardian rooms, as opposed to Victorian rooms where heavy drapes are the norm. In the bedroom, decorative lamps and overhead chandeliers are used to set the mood.
Edwardian décor also stands apart from other period styles in the use of space in the room. Victorian décor is known for being cluttered and its art, rather intricate and detailed. Edwardian décor, on the other hand, is known for being much less cluttered, and avoids the use of too many prints and patterns.

Whichever style most appeals to you, always make sure that you check into one of the many reputable boutique hotels San Francisco CA has. Read some traveler reviews online so you know what to expect and avoid getting ripped off. Happy hotel hunting!

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