Choosing from Luxurious San Francisco Boutique Hotels

In 2012 alone, San Francisco welcomed 16.5 million visitors. Indeed, tourism is definitely one of this city’s most important industries. As such, the abundance of hotels and other guest accommodations may seem overwhelming for anyone planning a vacation to the Fog City. To make planning your stay easier, here are some of the factors to consider in choosing a hotel.


Before choosing among the many luxurious San Francisco boutique hotels being advertised, you have to be clear on your budget for accommodations. Almost every major online booking engine allows users to sort results by price. After narrowing down your options, visit the sites of each hotel, and compare their rates. You may also read up on discounts and promos that they offer for customers who book directly on their site.


Another important consideration is the hotel’s location. Determine what activities you’d like to do while in town and find accommodations that will make it easy for you to get to these places. Choose a hotel that is situated in a neighborhood that you want to explore, or is accessible through various modes of transportation to popular points of interest for visitors.


Aside from price and location, consider the available amenities that can make your stay in the hotel more comfortable and memorable. If you’re only staying for a week or more, a hotel with a fitness center, swimming pool, or a variety of restaurants can be quite convenient. Also consider how family-friendly a hotel is. Your kids should have access to activities specifically designed for them, to make sure that the adults aren’t the only ones enjoying the vacation.


Every once in a while, it’s necessary to indulge in the finer things in life. Splurging on a fancy hotel stay is a great way to break your routine. Extravagances like bathing in a bear-claw tub or sleeping in a four-post bed can be experienced at some of the luxurious San Francisco downtown hotels such as the famous Hotel Majestic.

Planning your vacation shouldn’t cause you stress. By knowing exactly what to look for, you can easily narrow down your options, and make choices you won’t regret. Keep the abovementioned pointers in mind and you can surely find a hotel that would make every minute of your holiday memorable.

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