Boutique Hotels in San Francisco Offer Unique Perks to their Clients

If you’re visiting San Francisco, you probably have a laundry list of attractions to see. While most of your time will be spent exploring the city, your choice of accommodations can actually make your stay more worthwhile. Though you can stay in chain hotels, why not experience something truly unique by choosing boutique hotels in San Francisco instead? Below are just a few of the advantages they offer:

Personalized Services

As an extension of the item above, the smaller number of guests allow the staff to cater more closely to their needs. In effect, they are more willing to accommodate special requests like customizing your breakfast menu.

Standout Interior Design

These smaller hotels usually have a distinct design aesthetic that sets them apart and make them a delight to stay in. The Hotel Majestic, for example, boasts of an opulent Edwardian style, with features such as bay windows and draped headboard, among others.

Strategically Located

A boutique hotel is typically located in an area that gives easy access to popular tourist spots, dining spots, and others. This often means that they are closer to must-see attractions, such as Union Square, the San Francisco Opera House and Chinatown.

Competitively Priced

People often associate the term “boutique” with pricey accommodations. However, the truth is boutique hotels are competitively priced, given the level of service and comfort you’ll get. For this reason, they are one of the best options when looking for hotels in San Francisco CA.

In San Francisco, you won’t run out of attractions to see, like the quaint cable car system, the foodie haven Pier 39, and the ever-iconic Golden Gate Bridge. However, keep in mind that all the time you spend checking out these hot spots is bound to make you yearn for rest afterward. Good thing that there are boutique hotels that offer you peaceful rest and other noteworthy benefits.

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