Boutique Hotels in San Francisco: A Hip and Historic Experience for Travelers

San Francisco is among the top tourist destinations in the US. With more than 16 million visitors in 2011, tourism contributed a whopping $8.5 billion to the city’s economy. San Francisco’s landmarks, tourist spots, and places of interest continue to attract guests from all parts of the world. If you aim to visit the city where Tony Bennett left his heart, finding affordable and convenient accommodations should not be difficult.

There are hundreds of hotels for you to choose from. Tired of the traditional, plain, single bed, and white-walled hotels? It’s time for you to try staying at boutique hotels San Francisco California guests have come to love. The city’s boutique hotels are known for putting away the cookie cutter and providing customers, instead, with a more personalized experience. These types of establishments are perfect if you’re looking for a unique lodging with a luxurious feel.

Boutique hotels often follow certain themes upon which their architecture, furniture, amenities, and decorations are based. Also called design or lifestyle hotels, these commercial properties could either be trendy or historic, depending mainly on their target market. Common themes are related to the arts, music, vintage styles, and renowned artists. This is because the major patrons of boutique hotel services are in the 25-55 age range, usually business travelers, vacationers, and honeymooners.

To make their guests’ experience more authentic and memorable, boutique hotel owners spend a lot of time and effort in acquiring pieces of fixtures, paintings, and accessories to give a genuine atmosphere to their rooms, lobbies, and other areas. If you want to sleep and dine within a classic and elegant ambiance, an Edwardian hotel San Francisco tourists book, like the Hotel Majestic near Union Square, best captures the beauty of a grand era with its fine fittings and detailed structure.

Most people say that the “best things come in small packages;” and that phrase perfectly captures the essence of boutique hotels. With no more than a hundred rooms, these accommodations won’t make you feel crowded or overwhelmed by the other guests in the lobbies, elevators, or hallways. These hotels foster a sense of closeness and warmth among visitors and staff. Because these hotels aren’t as busy as their large chain counterparts, their staff provide professional personalized services that can make you feel welcomed and pampered.

Boutique hotels in San Francisco thrive on giving a variety of choices for travelers. If you’re looking for a boutique hotel near San Francisco’s sights and sounds, you can easily find one through online travel guides, magazines, or by asking friends who’ve been there. Have a pleasant stay at the City by the Bay!

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