Booking a Vintage Hotel in San Francisco without the Luxury Costs

Planning a vacation to the city of the Golden Gate? Then it’s imperative that you choose a charming vintage hotel in San Francisco for the duration of your stay. However, just because you’re choosing one of the coveted premier accommodations doesn’t mean you should stop finding ways to save up on your booking.

Book Ahead

Make sure you book your hotel reservations way ahead of your schedule, preferably as soon as you finalize your vacation plans. This way, you will have plenty of time to consider rates and, if possible, negotiate a discount.

Check out Amenities

Another advantage of booking early is you can check out the hotel’s amenities and packages in detail, and whether additional charges that may apply for certain amenities are satisfactory for you. Well-known hotels like the Hotel Majestic should have these amenities listed on their site.

Phone the Place

It might not be enough to simply browse the hotel’s website; call them up to talk directly to a manager about the cost. Ask them for any special discounts or affordable packages that you might be qualified for. This may include business traveler rates, senior discounts, government rates, etc. (these will still depend on which ones the hotel has available).

Last-Minute Booking

Of course, travelers with more flexible schedules can also take advantage of the fact that some hotels offer special discounts for last-minute bookings. This happens when your hotel of choice has a lot of vacant rooms unreserved for a certain period, since this could put them at a loss.

In general, quality boutique hotels in San Francisco can offer you luxury and quality service without the steep price that most hotel chains often have. This, in itself, could be an excellent way for you to enjoy the perks of classy accommodations without burning your wallet.

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