Back in Time – Checking in at Boutique Hotels in San Francisco California

When people think of San Francisco, a number of things can come to mind. There’s Alcatraz, Fisherman’s Wharf, cable cars, the TransAmerica Building, Lombard Street, and the Golden Gate Bridge. These are enough to inspire a thousand positive feelings among visitors.

The Plains of the West offer endless opportunities for travelers wishing to see more of the Bay Area than the residents will let on. The streets of San Francisco are safe and provide great opportunities for visitors to create lasting memories, especially if they want to experience the SF of yesteryear. Naturally, the adventure of a lifetime starts by securing quality accommodation in good parts of the city. Boutique hotels in San Francisco California such as the Hotel Majestic are a good place to start.

When booking a place for your Bay Area vacation, you have to make sure it is close enough to as many attractions as possible. This will reduce your walking time. If you fancy cable car rides, the California Street line offers a break from anything plying Powell St. In due time, you can reach Upper Fillmore, Van Ness Ave., and Stockton, which offers great views of the Bay Bridge.

No trip to San Francisco will ever be complete without a trip to Alcatraz. Closed in 1963 on the orders of then-Attorney-General Robert Kennedy, the Rock boasts of extensive flora and fauna as well as a chance to be a temporary “guest” of the cellblock. The place also has a museum to honor the Native American occupation of 1964. Other classic places worth checking out include Chinatown, Mission Dolores, and the Jack Kerouac Alley.

If the long trip is too exhausting, an Edwardian hotel in San Francisco such as the Hotel Majestic will have enough amenities to nurse you back to fighting fitness. If you are already too tired to go out and hit the other food joints nearby, an onsite restaurant and bar is a convenient option. A lounge can offer a chance for guests to make new friends amidst soothing music. This hotel could facilitate a romantic night for couples with room packages inclusive of time-honored classic touches of roses and chocolates.

Learning which places in San Francisco have stood the test of time will encourage you to go back again and again. You will indeed leave your heart in the city.

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