An Intimate World with Boutique Hotels in San Francisco, California

You’re planning your honeymoon trip with your future wife. Let’s say you chose some place you’ve heard of a lot before but haven’t visited yet—for instance, California. The state is known worldwide for its connections with Hollywood, glamor and the general “American Dream,” so you decided to soak in the sights and sounds of Cali-town with your beloved.

However, you’re wary that accommodation in the state can be pricey. You dug deep into the Internet and finally found something that fits your budget and is located in a picturesque spot in the state: luxurious boutique hotels in San Francisco, California. You also found the accommodations and amenities ideal in some hotels like the Hotel Majestic in downtown San Francisco, but the term “boutique” still confuses you—it sounds expensive and highly exclusive. Here are a few facts about boutique hotels.

Boutique hotels are smaller, yet elegantly-designed variations of grand hotels. For a hotel to call itself “boutique”, it has to have not more than 100 rooms. It shouldn’t be too small, either; something with less than 10 rooms is considered an inn, rather than a hotel. The small size of boutique hotels contributes to their characteristic personal appeal, which seems to attract most travelers today.

Unique Characteristics of a Boutique Hotel

Boutique hotels offer a “personal” experience, something that modern travelers crave for. Basically, tourists want to feel a better sense of privacy and camaraderie in their temporary abode. The aura in a boutique hotel closely resembles that of a member’s-only club, wherein the guests can socialize more intimately or enjoy their privacy when they choose to.

The hotels also feature quirkier, more eccentric atmospheres that adventurous individuals look for. With their smaller scale, they also tend to excel in food and beverage quality, since the services are more centralized and focused on their special guest roster. (Hotels like these tend to be pickier with their guests, increasing the likelihood of tenants enjoying friendly conversations over a cup of coffee any day).

So, excited yet? Scores of small-yet-fancy romantic hotels in San Francisco like the Hotel Majestic can make your honeymoon more memorable than you’ve ever imagined. Make the most of your romantic San Francisco getaway; choose a boutique hotel and have the experience-of-a-lifetime!

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