An Edwardian Hotel in San Francisco Provides Space for Sports Fans

To a sports fan, the opportunity to watch a live game of his favorite sport is an unforgettable experience. The sight of the brilliance of a specific athlete can send shivers down the spine and adrenaline all over the body. Seeing a sports event live also brings camaraderie among fellow fans.

Passionate sports fans will find San Francisco to be an exciting destination. The city and neighboring vicinities are home to some of the most exciting teams in the industry. Fans who want to see them up-close should book a room in an Edwardian hotel in San Francisco, such as the Hotel Majestic, and see them live against the beautiful backdrop of SF.


light blue façade of modern-bigstockThe Golden State Warriors started calling the Bay Area home in 1962. One of the oldest teams in the National Basketball Association, the Warriors are loaded with history, and historic players once wore their colors. Wilt Chamberlain scored a record 100-point game against the Knicks wearing the Warriors’ colors. The current incarnation of the Warriors are a Western Conference powerhouse.


The San Francisco Giants is another of the Bay’s great sports teams. The Giants moved to sunny California in 1958, and have had an interesting love affair with the city ever since. There was a scare of the Giants leaving San Francisco in the early 90’s, but the team persevered, and it has won two World Series Titles within the last five years. Neighbor and rival Oakland Athletics challenges the Giants to thrilling matches every now and then.


Japanese tea garden in Golden Gate Park San Francisco California - bigstockThe football scene in the Bay Area is similar to its baseball landscape. The San Francisco 49ers have stayed in the area ever since it was founded in 1946. The team has won several Super Bowls and has given 49ers fans moments to remember. The equally memorable Raiders are located nearby, and they give fans unforgettable games whenever they clash for the title “The Bay’s Best.”

These are just a few of the Bay Area’s teams that can get fans jumping up and down their seats. Fans who want to experience the euphoria of Bay Area’s brand of sports should plan a trip to the Northwest Sports Mecca, and stay in wonderful hotels in Japantown, San Francisco to cap their Bay Area journey.

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