Advice to Travelers on Choosing Hotels in Downtown San Francisco

A vacation is an opportunity to relax and get away from the stresses of daily living. However, planning one can be anything but relaxing. One of the most contentious decisions you may have to make is the choice of hotel accommodation.

Given all the wonderful choices of places to stay in this charming old town, deciding on which of the beautiful hotels in downtown San Francisco to book an accommodation can be an overwhelming task. To make the choice easier, here are four tips that every traveler might want to be mindful of.

Try staying someplace new

Hotel chains are often overpriced, overbooked, and unlikely to offer discounts. If you want something different, try looking at accommodations that may be smaller, but provide better and personalized service. Do your research and consider boutique hotels like Hotel Majestic that have beautifully designed rooms that sparkle with old world charm.

Prioritize value for money and cleanliness

With several travel and hotel review sites on the web, doing your research on a particular area can be daunting. The key to finding the right hotel is to start by grouping them according to price range. For hotels that have the same rating, its a good idea to shortlist ones with the lowest average cost. When all other criteria fail, make a decision based on cleanliness ratings.

Ditch the rental car and get a hotel within the city

San Francisco is a city where driving is not easy, and finding a parking spot often seems next to impossible. Instead of using your money to rent a car, get a great Edwardian hotel in San Francisco that is within city limits. Besides, its easier to get around the tourist spots without a car.

Ask about their specials

Special offers are not limited to food or room prices. While making queries over the phone, ask questions about events they might have during the time of your planned vacation. You should let them tell you more about what they’re known for and proud of, and their unique featured offerings that you shouldn’t miss.

Rediscover the allure of San Francisco by staying at an engaging little boutique hotel. Although you won’t be spending all of your time inside your hotel room, going home to a nice environment after a long day of sightseeing and partying can mean the difference between a mediocre vacation and a memorable one.

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