A Romantic Birthday Getaway at Boutique Hotels in San Francisco, California for Your Girlfriend

You and your lovely girlfriend have been together for several years now, and your demanding work schedules in the past few months have forced you to see each other as infrequently as once a week. Her upcoming birthday gives you an opportunity to make up for lost “couple time,” and as you wouldn’t want to make her feel more physically strained, you crossed off a camping trip or hiking on your list.

Romantic Birthday Getaway

Given that you’ve been both burdened with overwhelming work tasks lately, you’ve decided to transform her birthday celebration into a relaxing and romantic getaway. A good idea is to book a room at one of the wonderful boutique hotels in San Francisco, California. Lucky for you, the city’s hotels offer plenty of opportunities for romance—inside or outside—so let this special bonding time with your loved one be memorable.

Carriage Rides

Who says carriage rides are just for New Yorkers? If you book a room at one of the lovely hotels in downtown San Francisco like the Hotel Majestic, you can get access to horse-drawn carriage rides. Your girlfriend is likely to be pleased with this romantic gesture as it will make her feel like a princess even for a day.

Snuggling by the Fireplace

If you both opt to let a day pass without going out, simply sitting together next to the fireplace is enough for a romantic setting. Perhaps you can watch a romantic movie, sip cocoa, or just talk nonsense; whatever you want to do doesn’t matter as long as you’re together. Such an intimate activity may even be a chance for you to find out things about each other that you weren’t aware of before.

Surprise Dinner Party

Celebrating your girlfriend’s birthday doesn’t have to exclude her close friends and family, by the way. Let them get a chance to send their birthday greetings face-to-face by having a hotel set up a private party. It will also be a good opportunity for you to know your girlfriend through the perspective of her family and friends.

Many years as a couple may make you think it’s time to give your girlfriend lavish gifts. However, what you need more at this time is each other’s company, to strengthen the bond that you already have. A romantic getaway at a hotel will be a more memorable birthday gift for her.

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