A Look Into the Humble Beginnings of the Fabled San Francisco Hotels in Union Square

The hotel industry in the U.S. is poised for a four-year growth period following the spike in demand with supply being low. The economic slump experienced several years ago stunted the growth of new hotels and facilities, which accounts for the weak supply. With a few new hotels expecting to rise up anytime soon, old San Francisco hotels in Union Square are expected to bask in profit.

The old San Francisco hotels, such as the Hotel Majestic along Sutter Street, are among the earliest hotels built in the entire country. The local hotel industry goes back around 300 years, even before the United States became the single nation it is today. While the concept of hospitality may have existed much earlier, the colonial age opened up the first hotels in the New World.

America’s early years saw a westward migration from the East Coast, although settlements had already existed in the west. The hotel industry, which at the time were in the form of inns, moved with the migration, setting up shop further inland. Inns and lodgings were as much of a luxury back then as today.

San Francisco’s hotel industry didn’t kick off until 1875 with the establishment of its first hotel (and an ornate one, to boot). By the early 1900s, affordable hotels surfaced all over the U.S., such as the motels for business travelers on tight budgets. However, more classy hotels were also built during the period like the Hotel Majestic, which was known at that time as the Majestic Hotel.

Despite the change in the hospitality business – from inns to fancy hotels – many believe that its three main elements will never go out of style. These are the food, the lodging, and the beverage; the key elements that define hospitality in a nutshell. Hotels today perform the duties the inns of the colonial period did, which was providing a place to stay and a hearty meal.

As the modern hotel braces for an influx of tourists racing to get a vacancy, the basic principle of hospitality will remain as it was hundreds of years ago. Even if cars were to fly and buildings were to float on magnetic levitation, the hotel concept will be pretty much unchanged from its colonial period predecessors. This defines the charm that any vintage hotel in San Francisco can boast of.

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